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Analysis Paralysis in the Employee Benefits Marketplace

Updated: May 11, 2023

The following is an excerpt summary. Read the full article here.

As the employee benefits industry is evolving, consultants need to keep up with the accelerating rate of new point solutions. Piecemeal innovation provides opportunities for benefits consultants to become experts in new solution implementations, employee roll-out, engagement, communications, utilization, and demonstrating ROI.

Professionals in the employee benefits space need to understand the marketplace to help their clients make informed decisions to avoid analysis paralysis. The telehealth industry offers many examples of point solutions that consultants can leverage, including telemedicine, teledentistry, financial wellness solutions, advocacy solutions, concierge cancer advocacy, and mental health solutions.

As stewards of the industry, it is our job to get comfortable with the speed of technology, evaluate innovation, and align it with the strategic direction of each employer we serve. Without an Amazon or Walmart – esque solution to one-stop shopping for employee benefits, it may be in the broker’s best interest to be their clients’ encyclopedia of workplace benefits.

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