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One word - Innovation.

Bringing better solutions to market requires staying abreast of the latest tools, strategies, and resources.

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To facilitate innovation in our industry, RAD offers personalized engagement – engagement that is meaningful to YOU!  Interactions at RAD start by meeting you where you are.  The community wants to understand your specific market challenges, gain your perspective, and provide you with significant insights ultimately giving you energy and fueling your growth.  We want to understand your unique needs and then infuse you into our ecosystem through interactions and strategic activations.


Innovation and engagement are meaningless without impact. Making an impact is important.   Our healthcare system is on life-support and we all want to contribute to a change for the better.  Our collective strategy for the future will allow our vision to come to light.  Everyone wants to be heard. The RAD community offers the forum to help turn your thoughts, ideas, and methodologies into action.

Grow Your Vision

If you are interested in networking with like-minded peers from around the country, co-creating thoughtful solutions to our industry's challenges, gaining first-hand access to new ideas and visibility into proprietary investment opportunities, then RAD is a community you should join.
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